On April 14, 2020, the BBRS has approved temporarily suspending the minimum 6 hour IN CLASS
requirement, And for now allowing All 10 restricted  or 12 unrestricted hours to be completed with online classes.

.Take advantage of this opportunity! Sign up for classes today, click here 

1. Once you enter the the online class website go to (catalog) and purchase the appropriate classes.
2. If You are unrestricted you need all 12 hours you must purchase classes A,B,E ($160.00)
3. If you are restricted you will need 10 hours you must purchase classes    A,E,F ($130.00)

**If you already have some classes completed through ABC Real Estate Training Institute or other
providers we are here to help you complete the remainder of your hours. Please call us and we
will tell you what you need to do. You are in good hands with ABC. We got your back.

For those of you who would rather take your classes in a live classroom we will definitely
be offering live in classroom classes constantly as soon as the state allows us to resume.
Call us if you have any questions or confused about how to access classes. We are always here to
Thank you so much, Andrew B Consoli
President ABC Real Estate Training Institute Inc. 978-373-2859




Pick option 1, 2 or 3 to satisfy your Continuing Education Credits. You need 12 credits.

Option 1:

  • Take ALL classes LIVE
  • Classes consists of PART 1 and PART 2
  • You will earn 12 credits.
  • Special Discount price $235.

To receive the special discount price you must take both part 1 and part 2 LIVE. 

Option 2:

Option 3:

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(You need 10 credits)

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Contractor Pays $150,000 to Resolve Complaint it Mishandled Asbestos at Elderly Housing

A Local contractor is paying $150,000 to settle allegations it mishandled asbestos during a roof replacement and painting project at an elderly housing complex.

Attorney General Maura Healey said Tuesday the consent judgement with XXX Construction was filed in Suffolk Superior Court and resolves charges the company violated the state’s clean air law and regulations governing asbestos work by failing to properly handle, transport, and store asbestos-containing material and waste.

“Contractors who work with asbestos must carefully comply with our important environmental and safety regulations, especially when they are working in places where vulnerable residents live,” Healey said in a statement. “Today’s settlement requires this contractor to properly train its employees on how to handle this dangerous material so that they do not risk public health in the future.”

The complex, is comprised of 80 apartments. The complex is owned by the Local Housing Authority.

Healey’s office said XXX was aware that the buildings contained asbestos when it began the construction project and conducted the work without notifying the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection ahead of time. According to the complaint, XXX employees left asbestos-contaminated debris on the ground around the buildings and sent debris to facilities not equipped to handle asbestos waste. The employees also allegedly transported asbestos-containing waste material from the city to its facility and back in an open-topped trailer without wetting and containing it to prevent emissions. The complaint further alleges employees left an unsecured and open dumpster of dry asbestos waste at the housing complex.

To take an online course, please follow these steps:

1. The contractor must purchase the appropriate course package.

2. They must complete the entire online course offering and pass a test exam

3. They must print out a completion certificate when finished and mail the certificate to the state along with their construction supervisor renewal form.

4. That's all there is to it!

Click here for License Renewal Form

CSL Continuing Education Course Approval

Construction Supervisor Classes

August 4, 2020  (Tuesday  ) -  21 Wingate St. Haverhill, MA (CS-0219)

SPECIAL PRICE FOR WHOLE DAY IS $135.00 Canceled due to Governor's restrictions

8:00-9:00Workplace Safety$25
9:15-10:15Business Practices/Workers' Compensation$25
10:30-12:30Contract Law$45
12:30-1:00Free Lunch

Construction Supervisor Online Classes

"We want this experience to be as simple as possible."

Total hours of continued education courses you should complete: The number of hours you must complete depends on the type of construction supervisor you are. 

Unrestricted construction supervisor:  12 hours
Restricted construction supervisor: 10 hours
Specialty construction supervisor (masonry, roofing, insulation, etc.): 6 hours (*Please call our office 978-373-2859 for details before booking an online class)

When to complete your continuing education courses: You must complete your continuing education course(s) before your license expires.

All licensed Construction Supervisors are required to complete continuing education every two years.

For all licensees, a maximum of six credit hours may be obtained online. The remainder of credits for Unrestricted Construction Supervisors and Restricted Construction Supervisors must be fulfilled in a live classroom setting.

Our online courses are a great way to obtain your required construction supervisor continuing education credits. You can take our courses in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. You can start and stop the course when you want. 

Live Class Schedule Below

(These classes below are live, at our classroom, not online.)