Participation in Realtors® Organization:

Consoli has served on the education committee for the New Hampshire Board. He performs seminars for first-time home buyers in cities including Haverhill, Lowell, Amesbury and Lawrence. He holds classes in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking community across the Merrimack Valley. Teaching more than 500 classes annually, Consoli is a certified Fair Housing Instructor through MCAD. 

Andrew B. Consoli's QUALIFICATIONS: 

  • Licensed Home Inspector in MA & NH
  • Licensed Construction Supervisor
  • Instructor for Genesis Program 
  • Licensed Heating System Technician
  • Licensed Exterminator
  • Certified Home Inspection Instructor
  • Certified A/C, Refrigerant & Recovery Tech.
  • Instructor for MA Board of Realtors G.R.I. Program
  • ITI Trained
  • Certified Enviro Septic leaching system (installer)
  • Certified home improvement contractor
  • Certified lead safe renovator, moderate risk deleader, supervisor
  • FHA - 203 K Consultant
  • State approved construction supervisor continuing education instructor
  • Certified RRP-EPA & DOS renovator instructor
  • EPA Certified RRP Instructor
  • Certified MA.DOS RRP Instructor
  • IEE Certified Mold Inspector
  • AARST-NRPP - Nationally Radon Proficiency Certification
Andrew B. Consoli 

​Founder and senior instructor Consoli has been teaching real estate and first-time buyer classes for over 25 years. 

The owner of state-licensed ABC Real Estate Training, Consoli is a certified real estate instructor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He also owns and operates ABC Home Inspection based in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

​​Instruction Activities: 

Consoli developed ABC Real Estate Training's 40-hour video-based pre-license salesperson and broker certification program. He teaches four courses for Mass GRI and travels throughout the state to instruct students on a regular basis.

He also teaches continuing education, state-approved home inspector courses and contractor and EPA DOS RRP courses. 

About Us

Andrew was named 2018 Real Estate Educator of the Year for the Northeast Association of Realtors and has been Nominated for Educator of the year by the Massachusetts Board of Realtors in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2017.


 The owner of state-licensed ABC Real Estate Training Institute, Andrew  is a certified real estate instructor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He is a member of NEARST (New England Association of Radon Scientist). 

Additional Comments:

In addition to his work as an instructor, Consoli is also a licensed real estate broker in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, He is a certified and fully-licensed home inspector, construction supervisor, exterminator, air conditioning technician, heating technician, 203 K consultant, Title V inspector, home improvement contractor, lead safe renovator and moderate risk deleader.