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RRP/LSRS Classes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you did not renew your lead safe renovator and 
RRP certificate you may need to take your RRP Lead Safe renovator course again.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your RRP/LSRC (Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor Certificate) may be expired.
Working without an initial RRP/LSRC certificate or an expired RRP/LSRC certificate is ILLEGAL, fines are in the thousands of dollars.
Massachusetts law allows a grace period of one year from the expiration date. If you do not attend a refresher course by the end of the grace period you will have to retake the full 8 hour course.
If you work in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont or Connecticut and allowed your RRP-Lead Safe Renovator certificate to expire beyond the 5 years then you must retake the 8 hour initial course again, there is no grace period in  New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut.
If you do not currently have an RRP/LSRC Lead safe renovator certificate you must obtain one now before you work on any building built before 1978.

Federal Law requires that individuals receive certain information before renovating more than two square feet of painted surfaces in housing, child care facilities and schools built before 1978.

Homeowners and tenants:
renovators must give you this information before starting work.

Child Care facilities, including preschools and kindergarden classrooms, and the families of children under the age of six that attend those facilities: 
renovators must provide a copy of this information to child-care facilities and general renovation information to families whose children attend those facilities.

Federal Law requires contractors that disturb lead-based pain in homes, child care facilities and schools, built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

This law applies to ALL contractors, plumbers, painters, electricians, HVAC renovators and home owners renovating their own investment property.

You must take the 8 hour LSRC (Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor Class) course and pass a test. You will then receive a Lead Safe renovator certificate that must be on location at job sites. Violation of the new LSRC laws can trigger fines of up to $37,500 and jail time. Don't take the chance. Get certified NOW. 

Massachusetts Laws have adopted its own RRP Lead Safe Renovation law on July 9, 2010. The Massachusetts Law is similar to the Federal EPA-HUD Lead Safe Renovator law although, there are some differences. Click the MA RRP Link below for a full view of the MA law 454 CMR 22.00 to 22.92. 

“A few differences between Federal LSRC and MA RRP Laws” 

Massachusetts Law states that the Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor must be present at the job site while work is in progress, The EPA-HUD law allows the renovation supervisor to leave the job site but must be available by phone. 

The Massachusetts Law states that the lead safe Renovation Supervisor can use tarps instead of plastic on the outside of building. The EPA-HUD law only allows plastic. Massachusetts Lead Safe Renovation Law requires the work area shall be sufficiently isolated from adjacent interior spaces of the dwelling by plastic sheathing or other appropriate impermeable material, to prevent contamination to adjacent areas. Federal EPA-HUD RRP Law requires plastic on the floor only and does not address the absolute need to isolate the adjacent areas. 

Good news: The New MA RRP Law allows the Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor
to use the EPA- MA approved Lead test kits to determine the presence of lead paint at the renovation work site. 

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Approved for Massachusetts 454 CMR 22.00-22.92 Lic # DT000059 This is course is approved for certification under Section 404 of TSCA.

Group Discounts are Available

Don’t get caught without your required RRP/LSRC certificate!
The fines are huge and must be taken seriously. 

    Don't put yourself at risk! Recent fines for non compliance with RRP/LSRC rule

    • Lowe's Home Centers will pay a record $500,000 civil penalty to settle allegations that contractors it hired for home projects violated the federal Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule.
    • EPA seeks a $152,848 penalty from Environmental Compliance Specialists Inc. (ECSI) of Kingston, New Hampshire, for allegations of violating the RRP Rule.
    • EPA seeks a penalty of $139,171 from Brady Sullivan Millworks II LLC and Brady Sullivan Millworks IV LLC (Brady Sullivan) of Manchester, New Hampshire, for alleged violations of the Real Estate Notification and Disclosure rule and the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule. 
    New Laws for Contractors and anyone disturbing a coated surface of a house built before 1978, this includes:

    • Plumber
    • Heating contractors
    • Electricians
    • Painters
    • Carpenters

    RenovatorsFederal Fines up to $37,500 & Jail Time for non compliance
    Massachusetts State Fines up to $5,000!I


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