"I have never been to a seminar/class where the presenter demonstrated as much competence over such a wide spectrum of topics" - P. Miller 

"Excellent presenter with in depth knowledge of subject matter. Great speaking tone in delivering content." L.Alston 
"Vastly increased knowledge of all subject matter covered!" E.Duffy

"Knowledge is power!" J.Ross "Class was run in a very efficient manner, a lot of topics were covered" J.Lynch 

"Great energy, motivated educator" P.B

"Very informative, but entertaining at the same time!"

“Andrew Consoli, Is a Great Instructor. He made our course memorable and fun @ the same time. He also had a talent to keep our attention, I have listened to him many times, I feel he has a lot of good stuff to say. Good work Andrew Keep it up. Kim Zanellato @ Jack Conway & Co Realtor® and ASP® Stager”  

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, Creative- K.Zanellato

“I have attended many classes taught by Andrew. Always informative and even bit entertaining as well!” 

Top qualities:Personable, Expert, Good Value- C.Neri

“Andy can make some of the least interesting subjects exciting. His ability to add a story or example to potentially dry legal issues, cement the facts into your head.....you remember them forever. He is a GREAT teacher and as an owner Broker I used to get agents to go to classes purely by telling them Andy was the instructor! He is also very funny!!”  

Top qualities:Personable, Expert, Creative- K. Wallace

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“Mr. Consoli and his team provide a great real estate training option for anyone with a busy schedule. Moreover, his home inspection team offers home buyers a thorough, detailed, and comprehensive inspection at a reasonable cost. I would definitely recommend ABCs services to home buyers and real estate professionals alike in the greater Merrimack Valley!” 

 Top qualities:Expert, Good Value, On Time- Michael Feltz 

“I have personally used ABC home inspection services for years and multiple properties. They are all professional and very knowledgeable about every aspect of a property. Andy and his staff can recommend simple remedies and alert me to major issues. Highly recommended” 

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, High Integrity- Paul Consoli

 “Andrew, as an experienced home inspector, has taught CE classes for our company. The depth of his knowledge is extensive and his presentation is impressive. Hats off!” 

Top qualities:Great Results, Good Value, Creative- Catherine Johnson

 “Andy is an exceptional teacher, whether he is talking about rodents or Radon. He has so much fun doing what he does that the audience forgets that they are learning TONS about what could be pretty boring material. Take his classes! They are the most pleasant CEUs in all of real estate.”  

Top qualities:Personable, Expert, Creative- Rona Fischman 

“Andy's company, ABC Home Inspection, has always provided quality, efficient and professional services and I endorse and recommend both Andy and his inspectors. He also has taught courses that I have greatly enjoyed and learned from.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity- Mary Ellen Galaris