Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How often is Continuing Education required for Massachusetts Real Estate Agents? 
A. All Massachusetts Brokers and Salesmen are required to have 12 hours of Continuing Education every two years. 

Q. How many credits is each class worth in credits? 
A. Each hour of class is worth one credit and each Massachusetts class is two hours long. So 2 credits for each class. 

Q. If my license expires can I still practice real estate and work on my pending transactions? 
A. No, you can not practice real estate, no showings, no open houses, no working on transactions without an active license. This applies to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

Q. If I let my Massachusetts Real Estate license expire years ago how can I get it back? 
A. The New regulation allows for you to reactivate your Massachusetts real estate license no matter how many years ago you expired. You can reactivate your license by attending 12 hours of continuing education and paying the real estate board the renewal fees. No resting is necessary. New Hampshire agents will have to retest if they let their license expire for more than 6 months. 

Q. Are any Massachusetts CE credits good for New Hampshire continuing education credits? 
A. Yes, Many of the courses through ABC Real Estate Training Institute are good for New Hampshire as well as Massachusetts. Our website and schedule flyers indicate which ones are eligible for both states. Or call us directly for more information. 

Q. Can I take only some of the classes offered at the all day boot camp? 
A. Yes, you can register for any course you would like, you will only pay for the classes you attend.

Q. How many CE credits are required for New Hampshire license renewal? 
A. 15 hours total. You need to take a 3-hour NH core class and then 12 hours of electives. 

Q. How often is continuing education required for New Hampshire real estate brokers and salesmen? 
A. Every two years. 

Q. Do I have to send my CEU credit certificates to the Real Estate Board when I renew my license? 
A. No, in Massachusetts you keep the certificate in your files and only send it if you are audited. In New Hampshire you DO have to send in your certificates when you renew your license. Don't lose your certificates. We recommend taking a picture of your certificates and save pictures in your computer. MA and NH renewals are now done on-line.

Q. How many hours are required for MA Home Inspector continuing Education? 
A. 12 Hours ever 2 Years 

Q. How many hours are required for NH home inspector continuing Education? 
A. 20 hours Every 2 Years 

Q. How many hours are required to get a real estate sales or broker license?? 
A. 40 hours. We offer the courses on-line.

Q. How Long is the RRP LSR Certificate good for?
A. You must renew every 5 years. 

Q. Can I use real estate on-line training hours with live class hours? 
A. Yes you can mix any class as long as your class hours total 12 hours.

Q. How many hours do construction supervisors need? 

A. 12 hours for unrestricted 10 hours for restricted and 6 hours for specialty license.

Q. How often do construction supervisors need to renew their license.

A. Every 2 years.